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Andrea Heimer-Art Instructor

Andrea lives in Marengo and has been teaching children for over 20 years, from homeschooling her own 3 children, to vacation Bible schools, and Art classes at various homeschool co-ops.  She has loved art since her childhood, and as a young adult studied drawing, design, acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting at Northern Illinois University.  She graduated from NIU with a BFA in Illustration, preferring watercolor as her medium of choice.  With a passion for helping others discover and grow in their artistic gifts, she is excited to help students create beautiful works of art!

Kimberly Rock-Art Instructor

Kimberly moved from her home in southern Mississippi to San Antonio, Texas where she completed her first year of teaching Elementary Art.  Now residing in the area, Kimberly is excited to meet new people and share her skills at the studio.  Inspired at a young age by her mother, Kimberly took Art throughout school, which mainly began with free handing her favorite subjects such as animals and anime.  Through college, Kimberly developed an interest in figural work and mainly enjoyed working on large surfaces with charcoal and acrylics.  Kimberly graduated from William Carey Universty in 2015 with her B.A. in Art Education.

Our Educators


Lindsay Calabrese-Owner/Instructor

​Lindsay lives in Crystal Lake, where she homeschools her 4 children.  She designs an artistic line of children's clothing and has taught sewing for many years.  Lindsay has always had a passion for art.  She studied many forms of art in high school and college, and ultimately pursued a degree in Fashion Design.  Lindsay has taught art at various facilities and homeschool co-ops, and is very excited to teach art classes and sewing classes, and inspire a love of art while keeping this amazing school running!

The Art Place is a Fine Arts School dedicated to high quality art instruction for all ages.  Instruction is based on the elements and principles of art, inclusive of composition, color theory and most of all, individual creativity! We believe art ignites creative thinking, develops problem-solving skills, releases freedom of expression and builds self-esteem.  Art is an integral part of our daily lives; it is all around us and offers meaning to our individual lives. We experience art by engaged learning, artistic explorations, historical references, art viewing and through the meaningful process of doing art. Students learn to truly “see” their surroundings in a new light and experience creativity in their world everyday.  All students experience pride and joy in their finished art works!                 

​Our school motto is: “A place where creativity is kindled and individuality is a priority”

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