​Flip Flops #1



​Spring Tree #2

​Winter Birch Trees

​Poodle in Paris

​Owls in Tree #2





"Grace" Heart

​Autumn Birch Trees

​Butterfly-double canvas

​Elephants at Dusk

​Dragonfly #2

​Swirly Flowers #2

Birthday Parties

​Our children's painting birthday parties are a fun and unique way to celebrate your child's birthday!  

​*Parties are 2 hours, which include approximately

1 1/2 hours of painting and 1/2 hour for food/cake/presents.

​*We provide smocks and painting supplies.  You need only provide your own food, drinks, plates, cups, etc. if wanted.

​*Parties are $20 per child. Minimum of 6, Maximum of 40.

​*Each child will get a 9 x 12 canvas to paint and take home.

​*You choose a painting from our gallery below or we can create a custom painting for a $10 fee.

​*We decorate with tablecloths and balloons in a primary color theme.  We can decorate in the color scheme of your choice for a $10 fee.

​Dandelions #2


​Elephant with Flower


​Baseball #1


​Scouting Group Events

​Boy Scout or Girl Scout group, celebrations, or badge requirements.

​Parties/Events are 1 1/2 - 2 hours and start at $20 per child. Minimum of 6 and Maximum of 30.

​We will work with you to create the perfect party or badge requirement event!

​Prices start at $20 a child and are based on activity.

​Call Lindsay at 815-355-3621 or use the contact form to inquire or set up your event!

​Moonlight Reflection


​Snow Owl

​Heart Tree

​Birds on Wire

​Funky Elephant

​Firefly Jar

​Mad Scientist

Contact Us:

​Flip Flops #3

Pink Troll


Halloween Cat

Puppies in Snow

​Smiling Shark

Unicorn #2


Unicorn #1



​Peacock #2

​Unicorn #3

​Ladybug in Moonlight



Happy Jack o' Lantern

​Purple Flowers




​Harry Potter

Call Lindsay at 815-355-3621 or use our contact form to book or inquire about a party.

​We would love to host your next birthday party, scout event, or any other private event!

​Ladybug & Flower

​Under the Sea

Cowboy Boots

Swirly Forest

​Fireflies #1

​Dandelions #1

​Ladybugs in Grass

​Owl in Tree #1


​Swirly Flowers #1

​Spring Tree #1

Snow Trees


​Yellow Flowers

​Funky Flower

​Weeping Willow



In-Home Birthday Parties

​We offer in-home parties if you would prefer to have your child's birthday party at your home or another facility.

​*Travel fee based on distance from The Art Place: 0-5 miles-$5, 6-10 miles-$10, 11-15 miles-$15, etc.

​*We provide smocks, easels, and all painting supplies needed.

​*You will be responsible for providing the tables and chairs needed for each guest and any table/floor coverings.

​*In-home birthday parties are $22 per child.

Each child will get a 9 x 12 canvas to paint and take home.

​*Minimum of 8 and Maximum of 40

​*Call Lindsay at 815-355-3621 or use the contact form to book or inquire about in-home parties.


​Moonlit Lake


Shamrock and Ladybug

​Fireflies #2

​Sea Turtle #2

Snowflake Kitty

​Flip Flops #2


​Tulips in Moonlight

​Butterfly Tree


​Peacock #1


​Spring Tree #3

​Sea Turtle #1

​Daisies & Bee

​Owl in Tree #3

​Minnie Ears



The Art Place

This is the Art Experience you've been looking for!

Paintings for children or teen parties: we have a wide variety of paintings-from very easy to advanced. 

We can also create a custom painting for an additional $10 fee.

Christmas Puppy


​Dragonfly #1

​Sun & Moon


​Baseball #2